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Wulong River

  Wulong River Scenic Zone is located in Yunxi County of Shiyan, Hubei, 18 km from hthe west exit of Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway. It is a national 4A level tourist attraction, state-level scenic area, and national natural forest protection area.
  Wulong River, with a full length of 58 kilometers, is the main river in the scenic area and originates from the Tianchi Ridge in the southern part of Qinling Mountains. The water is clear and stable here, and flow fast all the year around. It is an important tributary of the “Qixi” Milky Way, and enjoys the reputation of “small Jiuzhai Valley” and “natural air anion bar”.
  Wulong River Scenic Zone can be divided into four parts with themes of gorge ecological leisure sightseeing, drifting, camping & exploration, and root seeking, especially.
  Wulong Valley is rich of dragon culture and deity culture. The Wulong River Grand Canyon is composed of five scenic areas of dragon gate, dragon pool, dragon gorge, dragon daughter and dragon palace.
  There are 1345 kinds of plant species in Wulong River area, including over 400 famous and precious traditional Chinese medicinal materials and more than 100 kinds of animals. Resources such as marble, Chinese yew, fog tea, natural pachyrhizua angulatus, wild grape are abundant here.
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