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Broad Fangxian, Hometown of The Book of Songs

  As China’s first general collection of poems, The Book of Songs takes the lead among the “four books and five classics”.
  Deserving the title of “essential classic of Chinese culture”, it has long been a teaching material for our Chinese in self-cultivating, family regulating, state governing and world peace maintenance. And it was mainly collected and compiled by Yin Jifu, a prime minister in the Zhou Dynasty and a well-known politician, militarist and writer.
  The extant relevant legends and cultural relics and remains lead roughly to the conclusion that Yin was a native of Fangxian where he lived and died.
  Today, Fangxian Country boasts reserved former house, ancestral shrine, temple and tomb of Yin Jifu, together with his descendants. The very value of the culture of The Book of Songs does not lie in its place of source but in the over 2,800 years of its inheritance. Comparatively, such culture in other places of source has been lost.
  ( by Duan Lingxiao)

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