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Update information on the novel coronavirus in Hubei on May 20, 2020

No new case of COVID-19 was found in Hubei on May 20. There was no imported case.
There are 7 confirmed cases currently, 7 in Wuhan. Among them, one patient is in serious condition and one in critical condition. There is no suspected case at present.
As of 24:00, May 20, a total of 68,135 cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 had been reported in Hubei province, 50,339 in Wuhan, 3,518 in Xiaogan, 2,907 in Huanggang, 1,580 in Jingzhou, 1,394 in Ezhou, 1,307 in Suizhou, 1,175 in Xiangyang, 1,015 in Huangshi, 931 in Yichang, 928 in Jingmen, 836 in Xianning, 672 in Shiyan, 575 in Xiantao, 496 in Tianmen, 252 in Enshi, 198 in Qianjiang and 11 in Shennongjia.
Altogether 63,616 patients were cured and discharged from hospital, 46,464 in Wuhan, 3,389 in Xiaogan, 2,782 in Huanggang, 1,528 in Jingzhou, 1,335 in Ezhou, 1,262 in Suizhou, 1,135 in Xiangyang, 976 in Huangshi, 894 in Yichang, 887 in Jingmen, 821 in Xianning, 664 in Shiyan, 553 in Xiantao, 481 in Tianmen, 245 in Enshi, 189 in Qianjiang and 11 in Shennongjia.
Altogether 4,512 people died of the disease, 3,869 in Wuhan, 129 in Xiaogan, 125 in Huanggang, 59 in Ezhou, 52 in Jingzhou, 45 in Suizhou, 41 in Jingmen, 40 in Xiangyang, 39 in Huangshi, 37 in Yichang, 22 in Xiantao, 15 in Xianning, 15 in Tianmen, 9 in Qianjiang, 8 in Shiyan, 7 in Enshi and 0 in Shennongjia.
A total of 283,817 close contacts have been traced, 861 are still under medical quarantine.
28 new asymptomatic cases were found in Hubei on May 20 and no asymptomatic case developed to the confirmed one. 21 asymptomatic patients had been discharged from quarantine and 281 are still under medical quarantine.

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