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Shiyan to Jinan and Zhuhai flights will open on the 13th

The reporter learned from Wudangshan Airport that starting from July 13, the Shiyan Wudangshan Airport will officially open the Jinan-Shiyan-Zhuhai route operated by Shandong Airlines. The citizens will fly to Jinan and Zhuhai from Shiyan for only 2 hours.
The flight model is 737-800, and the first two classes are opened once a week, which will be adjusted according to the time resources. According to the flight plan, taking off from Jinan at 07:15 and arriving at Shiyan at 09:05, the plane takes off from Shiyan at 09:55 and arrives at Zhuhai at 12:25, with flight number of SC4589. Taking off from Zhuhai at 13:25 and arriving at Shiyan at 16:05, the flight takes off from Shiyan at 16:55 and arrives at Jinan at 18:40, with flight number of SC4590.
At present, the ticket has already started to be sold, and the specific fare is subject to the official website. Airport ticket hotline: 0719-8876999, Xinjie Airlines service phone: 0719-8683215.

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