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Shiyan Olympic Sports Park began construction

Preliminary rendering of Shiyan Olympic Sports Park
With the breaking of the bottleneck of the traffic and the optimization of the urban environment, more domestic and international competitions have been held in Shiyan. Meanwhile, Shiyan has cultivated a batch of outstanding athletes in the competitions of table-tennis, badminton, tennis, swimming, football and basketball, who has won many achievements in the whole province and even national competitions.
At the same time, the existing sports facilities of Shiyan cannot meet the needs of more and more citizens. Some sports venues have difficulties in hosting large events. In order to completely change this situation, Shiyan’s youth outdoor training base, large sports complex projects—Shiyan Olympic Sports Park, has officially started its construction, which will be completed in two years.
The public wants the stadiums and facilities to be upgraded
Recently, that Shiyan teenagers outdoor training base is about to start its construction has hit the headlines of all authoritative media , which triggered a heated debate.
"This is definitely a good news!" Living in Beijing North Road, Sunshine Valley District, Mr. Lee told reporters that he usually likes to play basketball.Although the sports center is near, the basketball court is limited, which caused him to wait every time.
And a large number of citizens share the same idea as Mr Lee. Mr Hu, who lives in Beijing Road Olin Garden District said: "our district is close to the swimming pool. A few years ago we often went swimming in summer. But we didn't go there often in recent years, not because it’s a bad place, but too many people now, like boiled dumplings during the peak".
According to the staff of the city swimming pool, as more and more people come to swim, there are more and more peak hours.
Not only that, the city's swimming pool is the largest indoor swimming pool at present, which also takes on the needs of training swimmers, carrying out school swimming lessons and holding swimming events. But due to space limitation, there is no audience stand.Sometimes athletes can only open up part of the training area, let alone organize a large event.
Similar situations are more than that. Liuyan Gymnasium can carry out activities such as basketball, volleyball and performance. But there is no training workshop for the competition, nor air conditioning system, which brings about season restrictions to activity organization.
Moreover, there is not matching training field in Shiyan sports center, including badminton hall, table tennis hall, tennis courts, football pitches and other kinds of sports venues. And as more and more people participate in sports and fitness, the demand for stadiums is getting higher and higher. At present, these stadiums cannot fully meet the needs of the public. Therefore, the upgrading of the sports stadium has become an urgent need of the public.
 The construction is stepping up.
The integration of new sports complex and mountain organic 
Whether for the public demand, or athletes training and sports events, Shiyan sports venues are in urgent need of upgrading and construction. In the joint efforts of Shiyan multi-sectors, youth outdoor training base which located in Jiangsu Road extension line and rocket road intersection has started its construction, with total construction area of 210,000 square meters and 1.5 billion CNY investment.
Reporters learned that Shiyan City Olympic Park include the ground part and underground part, and the mountain in which it locates belongs to the core area of the city's valuable land resources.
According to the current plan, the sports park will include opening section and the training of fitness section. There are plenty of rest and leisure spaces for many venues, as well as public spaces for food, shelter, shopping and entertainment. The sports park function partition that citizens most concern about will contain 40 badminton venue, 16 outdoor tennis court and a indoor tennis court, 20 basketball court, 40 table tennis field, a comprehensive swimming pool and a comprehensive gymnasium. More than that, the sports park will witness the construction of a series of supporting system, including youth outdoor expand series (mountain field camp, rock climbing, etc.), sports theme hotel, specialty snack bars, sports malls, specialty products exhibition hall, mountain garden, bike ride path and large leisure square.
Shiyan Olympic sports park will be a large sports complex which can not only fully meets the different demands of citizens, but also provide plenty of venues for athletes training, big events and activities.

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