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The 4th International Taoism Forum will be held in Wudang Mountain from May 10 to 12

  The stage of the opening ceremony is basically formed.
The volunteer finals were held on April 15th.
 volunteer clothing
night view of Wudang Mountain Tourism Economic Zone
opening ceremony effect renderings
opening ceremony effect renderings
  The International Taoism Forum-- an international forum organization committed to the development of Taoism, founded in 2011, features the top standard and scale with the broadest span of influence in China. The forum has been held three times and the fourth session will be held in Wudang Mountain from May 10 to 12.
  It is learned that this forum, themed as “Dao-the Brick of Nature, De-the Fabric of Civilization”, will arrange 1 main forum, 5 sub-forums, 2 TV forums and 2 new media forums, together with artistic performance and Taoist music performance for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony respectively. About 50-minute performance for the opening ceremony will involve singing, dancing, music, marital arts and recitation in a wonderland created by multi-media, embodying elements such as “Taoism, Wudang, Tai Chi, Shiyan, innovation, profundity, great fantasy, internationalization, modernity and the world. And the Taoist music performance selected from classic masterpieces for the closing ceremony will demonstrate unique Taoist culture and art through integrating songs, music and dance.
  The forum will also be accompanied by colorful supplementary activities, including hosting religious activities themed“ceremony for blessing and peaceful sacrifice offering”, arranging representatives to visit the Wudang Mountain, organizing Tai Chi show of masses, giving public kung fu show --“fantastic Wudang Mountain”, holding China (Hubei) Taoist Exhibition for Relics, Books and Calligraphy, offering free diagnosis and treatment, arranging Wudang temple fairs with distinctive local features, exhibiting Taoist books and works of famous calligraphers, and preparing to build the first Taoist laboratory in Wudang Mountain.
  The fourth International Taoist Forum is of profound significance since it is a productive attempt for the modernization and globalization of Chinese excellent traditional culture and the international presence of the ideological vigor and innovation spirit of the Chinese people. Using various modern means to interpret and carry forward the essence of traditional culture and fully exhibit and explore the modern value of the Taoist culture, this forum features worldwide cultural connection and profound civilization inheritance.
  ( by Duan Lingxiao)

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