Striving to Become a National Civilized City

Science and technology help nation achieve goals

China is on track to achieve its goal of boosting the contribution of scientific and technological progress in agriculture to more than 60 percent by the end of next year.   Last year, innovations in the sector, including improved crop strains and more ef...

Govt policy about registration in platform economy

Registration in platform economy made easier   China will take measures to encourage the development of the platform economy as a new form of industry in order to nurture new economic drivers, according to a guideline published on Aug 8.   The guideline...

People's disposable income surges 60 times in past 70 years

Chinese residents saw their per capita disposable income surge by nearly 60 times during the past seven decades thanks to the country's steady economic expansion.   The per capita disposable income stood at about 49.7 yuan in 1949, and topped 28,200 yuan ...
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